Anthony Benefit Follow-Up


Window ChristmasBefore Christmas last year we posted information on a fundraiser to help the grieving family of Anthony. His mother wanted to express her gratitude for the wonderful folks who pitched in to relieve the financial stress during their

time of desperate need. For those who missed the story, Here is the original Posting:

Helpless Mother’s Eyes Show Love

Originally posted Tue Dec 15, 2015

Little Anthony’s mother looked into her helpless little boy’s eyes, as she cradled him tenderly in her arms. Just a few months ago, Anthony was a happy, healthy, and a completely normal little boy. Anthony loved his mother and played with his 7 year old sister. But now, three different hospitals later, and a series of infections and unfortunate medical conditions have left him totally helpless. His doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him. Like a new born baby, he was left completely helpless, and would never be able to talk or walk again.

It is hard for us to see the intense love and caring in his mother’s eyes, but we also sense her pain! Tears well up in our eyes, as we feel the emotions of compassion and helplessness of Anthony’s situation. Friends of the family, the Crossroads Cowboy Church, Timberline Stables, Capital Region Cowboys for Christ, and musician & singer, Hambo Latham put together a fundraiser for Anthony’s family. Although insurance paid for most of the medical costs, his mother has only been able to work a few days during the past three months. The family is now in serious financial distress! Yesterday morning the situation just got a lot worse!

We received word that our precious little boy Anthony had passed on into eternity during the night. Our hearts are heavy for the family’s loss, but the family’s financial distress is still just as real, and now the added expense for the funeral is estimated at over $4,000. The fundraiser was held as scheduled. Many people have been very generous! As of this morning, 10:45 AM Tuesday, December 15, 2015 we have received $1,435 in cash and checks, and the overdue rent was forgiven. In addition, All of the utilities were paid up to date! Thanks to all who helped make this a big success. If any of you did not get to send your gift, the family still needs money for the upcoming funeral, so you can still send a donation. Make any checks or money orders payable to Cowboys For Christ, and mark it for “Anthony’s Benefit” c/o John F. Hunter, President of Capital Region Cowboys For Christ, PO Box 306 Auxvasse, MO 65231 or call 573-310-1293.

Keep in mind the emotional pain and financial stress at this Christmas season, and don’t forget Anthony’s sweet seven year old sister, who is hurting too, and still needs to have some kind of normal Christmas. While any donations are greatly appreciated, please also pray for this hurting family. Thank You again for everything.Bears

Originally posted by John F. Hunter, Author of Living The Christian Life on Dec 15, 2015

Today’s Update: Due to your generous help, Anthony’s mother reports that she is now working her normal schedule, the funeral is paid for, and although Anthony’s older sister still grieves the loss of her little brother, she received some a very nice Christmas gifts. The rent is up to date, and the family is overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you. please continue to pray for the family, as there will be some emotional days. And Thanks again to all of you.


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