Many Men Call Me Chaplain Hunter

jpg Author Photo 1Many Men Call me Chaplain Hunter

Some of you already know I was a prison chaplain for 11 years for the state of Missouri.  Besides being a chaplain for Truckstop Ministries Inc  TMI and Cowboys for Christ, I served as a Chaplain Assistant in Vietnam, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and a Sr. Chaplain Assistant Supervisor for the Missouri Army National Guard.

During the month of October, Sandy and I are ministry volunteers for Mission Gate Prison Ministry’s after care program.  Fort Good Shepherd Ranch could be called a Christian intensive care unit for ex-offenders paroled from prison, and attempting to reintegrate into our society as productive citizens.

As a prison chaplain, my explanation of prison ministry is replacing frustration, desperation, hopelessness, and anger with purpose, meaning, direction, and hope of a bright future through Jesus Christ.

Men who go to Mission Gate have a 98% success rate!

You can quote me.  Of all the treatment programs, halfway houses, aftercare, and re-entry programs, I know of none that are  successful over the long run that are not Christian owned and operated!




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