Five Year Old Girl Hurt and Crying

jpg Author Photo 1Such a sweet little girl to be crying uncontrollably, screaming through her tears, “It Hurts!” It Hurts!” We were at Labor Day Barbecue 2015 with friends. I enjoy, friends, food, and children. Most of you know I have a big soft spot for kids. This wasn’t a “little buddy” that had called me “Buddy John” for many years. I never met this sweet little girl until 2:00 PM today! She had already sat on my knee, and we both ate two deviled eggs each.

Later, the children were playing on the trampoline in the back yard. I have a saying that “everything fun is dangerous!” and “everything else is dangerous too!” I saw her jump off the trampoline, and land on her elbow!

She lie there crying and screaming uncontrollably. I saw which arm was hurt, and scooped her up, carefully avoiding the injured arm, and carried her into the house. Her uncontrollable crying and screaming convinced us that it was more serious. With ice pack on her arm, the decision was made to go to the emergency room. She trusted me, so I carried her to the car. I prayed that her injury wouldn’t be too serious, and that there wouldn’t be any permanent damage, as I drove to the hospital in a separate car,

I carried her into the emergency room. She was frightened of everything! She was afraid the ID bracelets would hurt, so we ended up putting them on her ankles, they brought a wheel chair, and she was afraid of that, so I sat in the wheel chair, and she stayed in my lap. The only time I put her down was to stand on the scales and check her height! She sat on my lap while I sat in the wheelchair with lead aprons and boards during the x-rays. When finished, I carried her back to the car with a DVD so she could see inside of her arm.

She will be sore for a couple of days, and got a cherry Popsicle from the hospital. I told her what a brave girl she was, and she got some candy. I was impressed by the staff talking with her to make her more comfortable. She got excited when she heard her own heart beat with the doctor’s stethoscope! She was proud of her little sling, and I gained a special friend to call me “Buddy John.”

Her Aunt made it a point to say thank you, and I assured her it was my pleasure to comfort a little five year old girl that gave me a big hug, and blew me kisses from a car window as she left. I should send her a Thank You card and my photo for being my special friend. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do, than hold a scared little girl in my arms, and make her day a little less painful.

By John F. Hunter, author of Living the Christian Life

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