Naked Boys Caper: Disaster Relief

Shower Unit 2011 MorehouseMissouri Southern Baptist Disaster Relief:  A few years ago, Sandy and I were assigned to a Disaster Relief Shower Unit after a flood  in Morehouse, Missouri.  Volunteer groups of youth were housed on bunks in the gymnasium/multipurpose building of a local church, and helped skilled leaders, as part of a mission trip. Teams would tear out and replace plasterboard, walls, and floors.

Our job was to operate the three showers, and a laundry room built into a shower trailer.  We provided freshly laundered towels and other items for workers, after a hard days hot and dirty work.

One day, an urgent call came in that several teen boys were working under a floor when a sewer pipe broke. It was up to us to devise a plan for rescue and decontamination of three very dirty boys!  So here’s how we handled the situation.   We drove the three blocks with a pick up truck, and let the boys ride back on the tail gate while we drove very slowly and carefully back to the church parking lot.

Upon arrival at the Shower trailer, we told the boys to throw their clothes and underwear out the door into the parking lot, and we would gather them up and get them laundered. When they got finished with their hot showers, they would wrap themselves in the clean bath towels, and walk to the multipurpose building, where they put on their spare clothes. As soon as the laundry was clean, and dry, we would lay the clothes out where they could reclaim their own fresh clean clothes.  Everything worked smoothly, and they were all clean and comfortable in time for supper.

The Disaster Relief shower trailers have propane water heaters, and require a water source.  Each shower unit is disinfected with a sprayer of solution mixed from water and chlorine bleach, and the drains are raked clear of hair after each shower.  MFA supplied free refills for the propane tanks, as a donation to the Disaster Relief effort.  Disaster Relief also has Portable Kitchens, and provides excelent training and certification for volunteers.  Just look what Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has done already this year!

2015 Activity Reported to Date

Professions of Faith 120
Gospel Presentations 351
Chaplaincy Contacts 1,378
Ministry Contacts 7,039
Bibles Distributed 543
Volunteer Days 10,339
Meals Prepared 35,078
Chainsaw Jobs 685
Flood Recovery Jobs 536
Temporary Roof/Repair Jobs 54
Showers 5,267
Laundry Loads 1,267
Children Cared for 2,509


To see more Disaster Relief stories and photos



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